"Switch has been the most successful sports club we have had.

Children have to think and use a range of skills as they play the game and they love it.

It has also engaged children who would not necessarily join a traditional after school sports club."

Colette Morris, Head Teacher

“Switch is a fun, engaging game. It was great to see our children using a variety of skill sets

whilst working so well in a team dynamic. As a result of Switch, our children are developing

their tactics strategies, co-ordination and team building in Physical Education.”
Cassandra Allan, Year 6 Teacher

“After seeing this new game introduced into the school which I teach PE, I have been more

than impressed and knew immediately that I want to endorse this sport. This innovative game

gives children the opportunity to learn a new game that encompasses various sports. The game itself

requires specialist teaching because of the sports and skills that are a part of the game. Firstly, mixing hand

and feet sports does bring about scepticism as they require separate skills by nature. The method in

how this sport works however, especially when observing children who show potential for this sport

is certainly promising. After speaking with other PE teachers in Primary Schools in the North East of England,

I have received feedback that this idea seems widely accepted as one to keep an eye on.  I would be happy

to use this within extracurricular clubs, moreover with pupils who show they are all round athletes.

I feel this game would bring about improvement in the team sports it uses such as;

football, basketball, volleyball and netball. The reason is it adds an extra dimension to invasion games

as practising more than one sport bring another level of fun. With this enjoyment is also the challenging

aspect of having to make quick decisions in the game as to what skill to use in which area of the pitch.

Again, as all talented sportsmen demonstrate this ability think quickly, this can only foster the development

of the athlete. Whether this is used as a training tool within the mainstream sports, as a warm up activity

or simply taught as its own sport, there is a lot of potential for Switch. I will certainly be sharing Dan’s idea

(the creator of Switch) with many of the colleagues I liaise with to increase its popularity. 

I am definitely a fan of Switch.”
Mathew Sweetman, PE Teacher

“I thought Switch was amazing. I loved that it is new and because people are used to other sports,
Switch will boggle their minds.” 

Oummaamah, age 10

“Switch was amazing. It’s football, netball and volleyball combined. I had real fun playing it and I hope the 2020 Olympic contestants feel the same way.” 
Ahmed, age 10

“I love Switch because it has all my favourite sports in one group.” 
Abderahim, age 11

“I thought very highly of Switch. It was one of the most funnest sports of my life. I loved the way that you could switch from football to handball.”
Mahamed, age 10

“Fun, enjoyable and physically satisfying, this is how I would describe Switch. The combination of

Netball, Football and Basketball keeps the brain ticking and the heart pumping. The simplicity of the game

enabled me to get involved from the first whistle, the end to end action kept it exciting, it really is the perfect combination of various sports. Playing amongst a mixed aged group did not hold any barriers, it really

is a sport for all ages. The high intensity, end to end action, team and head to head battles fuelled

my competitive nature. Switch, a superb calorie burner and a feel good vibe.”
Bukkiah Belgrave Spence, Teaching Assistant

“Yesterday I played Switch for the first time...  I burnt more calories than doing a boxing class

(which I usually think is quite hard). The good thing about this sport is that anyone can play ...  

if your not good at football then you could be good at basketball.... getting the ball was quite hard at first

but then I started using my strength and realised that I don’t need height to be good at the game! 

I feel that Switch would be a brilliant sport in schools as well as in general but the reason I feel that it will be particular good in schools is because when you play you use every muscle in your body and in recent years children haven’t been active due to social media etc and the rise of obesity has doubled in young children so

this sport will 100% stop kids from getting obese and will keep them fit and out of trouble!”
Angela Mastronardi, Director Mastronardi Media / 
Sync and Licensing Assistant at Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK

“Switch was really fun. It puts a few different sports together and combines it into one, which I really like

as it has two sports that I used to play as a child, which was Soccer and Basketball. Incorporating them

into the same game is a really good idea and is very innovative and I think it could go very far.”
John Soden, Athlete, Atlanta
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.

“Switch is a very fun game that makes you think, it makes you have to react to different obstacles like you

have to switch from Handball to Soccer to Basketball. In general it’s a very fun game,
it’s very athletic and very exciting.”

Treyvon Williams, Athlete, Atlanta
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.


“What I think of Switch is it’s really amazing, it’s lots of fun. You can bond with your Team Mates and your friends and just have a good time out there. I love it, I love Switch.”

Antoin Smichael, Athlete, Canada
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.


“What I liked about Switch was the change of sports. I liked the excitement and you know how difficult it is

to switch from Basketball to Football and how to abide by the rules… But I’ll get better.”

Calvin Simon, Athlete, Antigua
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.

“What I like about Switch is the combination of the sports that you use. It’s really fun and it’s not only

a physical sport, it’s a mental game because you have to be prepared to switch.”

Alejandro, Athlete, Mexico
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.

“I like Switch because it’s a combination of many sports and it gives you the
physical and mental ability to challenge others with different combinations,
different plays and different rules that help you improve mentally and physically.
I think it’s a really nice sport that everyone should try.”

Sheldon, Athlete, New York
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.


“I did my Soccer Coaching in Germany and I train outdoor athletes in the gym to get powerful and

strong, especially muscle strengthening and Track and Field. I’m here at the Racer’s Track Club in

Jamaica and we get for the first time in contact with the sport “Switch”… What is interesting about this

sport is that you are switching every time so it’s not going to be boring. You’re always moving and it’s

always fast, and it’s not important which ages, or if it’s female or male because you need to be a team

with a team spirit. Everyone can play Basketball, Volleyball and throw the ball or kick it, so it’s really a

united game and I think Switch should be in the Olympics.”
Fernando, Athlete and Football Coach, Columbia
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.


“What I like about Switch is that it’s a lot of different sports into one. So it’s basically hand eye coordination

and you have to really focus. Even though I didn’t get a move named after me, I still think it’s really good.”

Zachary, Athlete, Kingston
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.

“What I really like about Switch is that it helps you to coordinate and it’s good Off Season Development for Track and Field Athletes. It helps you with your fitness… It helps you to concentrate, it helps you to conceptualise the message and it help you to put out the message as well. It’s a good team sport. It’s a combination of speed, it’s a combination of technique, it’s a combination of agility and a combination of strength, and those are some of the key components in regards to sports, so it’s a good development game for Footballers and Track Athletes and it’s a good sport overall.”

Owen Russell, Athlete, Kingston
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.


“I think Switch is a really good sport. It’s a combination of five sports and it’s a really great sport. It helps kids to be focused, concentrate and really work hard. I think it would really help in schools because it would enhance proper sportsmanship and as a result of that you’d have really great sports people around.”

Coach Aminiki, Racers Track Club
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.

“First of all I think it is a very good sport. Looking at it, it is very clear that it is a mixture of sports that we do here in Jamaica. It includes Netball, Volleyball, Basketball and Football. You know, it’s a good sport for concentration because it requires concentration. As in the word “switch” you know, switch means you move quickly from one part to the other, just like that, and the sport is good. As for the development of the sport in Jamaica, it’s going to take some time getting used to, but I think it has its place and its purposes.
From watching it, there are a lot of things that it’s taught them (the children) because for one, it helps with the coordination, helps with the ability to think fast so in terms of the thinking, it helps them focus.
It helps with agility and it also helps not just with coordination but with endurance as well and so it’s a sport that you have to play over a period of time moving very fast, so you’re working on endurance and
it also works with the speed of the endurance as well.”

Patrick Dawson, Olympic Sprint Coach, Racers Track Club
Racer’s Track Club Summer Programme 2016, UWI, Kingston, Jamaica.

“Now seeing it for myself, this is a good sport. Meaning it’s integrating all the necessary sports that are played in Primary Schools; Basketball, Netball, Football, Volleyball all come together as one. This is the first attempt and we are new at it, but as it grows, I guess we’ll get the hang of it. I like it and it’s a very good programme of sports to bring into Primary Schools.”
Kadir Frances, PE Teacher and Sports Coordinator,
Dunrobin Primary School, Kingston, Jamaica


“I’m here at UWI with Lucy and Mr Switch and it’s just awesome. It’s a new game to us but it’s just awesome. First of all it is a fitness game, it can be used with athletes from different sports as I realised because I coach myself and I would like to be taught the game fully to be able to coach it to use on my Hockey team, because I am a University as well as High School coach. Why I think it should be done in schools? It gives them a variety, it teaches about 5 different sports in one. You think about having to play Handball, Basketball, Netball and Football you know? It’s a very good variation of sports complete in one package. Awesome.”

Andrea Hoo-Thomas, PE Teacher,
Papine High School, Kingston, Jamaica